First Ever Black Women Creators Conference to be Hosted by Cool Girls Create

First Ever Black Women Creators Conference to be Hosted by Cool Girls Create

Black Women Creators Conference 2020 - August 29th & 30th

It’s The First Ever Black Women Creators Virtual Conference.

Nashville, TN (August 24, 2020)

Join Cool Girls Create for the Official 2020 Conference for Black Women Content Creators on August 29 & 30.  The virtual conference will feature exclusive workshops for Black women who want to elevate their creative careers. The Black Women Creators Conference will provide actionable strategies and hope to women of color who would like to start their own businesses, enhance their impact in creative industries or broaden creative roles in nontraditional industries.

According to the BWCC’s website: “Black Women make up 3% of Chief Creative Officer roles for big companies and there have only been 2 Black Women to head Fortune 500 Companies." With these numbers there is a tremendous opportunity for women to bring more creativity to their business pursuits.

The conference will feature presentations from more than 20 top Black women creative visionaries from various industries on the topics of:  creative career building, creative entrepreneurship, business development, monetizing your art, tv & film production, creative directing, the music industry, journalism, blogging, modeling, fashion design, Black women’s cultural impact, financial stability & wealth building for creatives, branding and content creation.

One of our featured presenters will be Harvard graduate Claire Sulmers, founder of Fashion Bomb Daily and book author of “The Bomb Life”, who will share her insights on being a Black Woman Creator. Access to someone at her level will give participants a chance to get answers they need to level up their creative ventures and diversify their lives.

Checkout Fashion Bomb Daily's write up of the event -- here.

Other guest speakers will include self portrait model Kimberly Douglas, award winning violinist Mapy, and one of Beyonce's professional dancers, Corbin Hunter, professional dancer, Aryan Davenport along with brand strategists, content creators and other creative business leaders.


Check out the event schedule below:

DAY 1 Aug 29th

  • Getting Investments For Your Business
  • Black Women in Media 101
  • Embrace Your Creativity
  • Getting Started In TV & Film
  • Building Your Own Creative Business & Aligning It With Your Purpose

DAY 2 Aug 30th

  • Creating A Brand That Resonates
  • Becoming A Niche Influencer
  • Using Your Creativity
  • Creative Entrepreneurship 101
  • Becoming an Artrepreneur & Monetizing Your Art
  • Making A Cultural Impact As A Creative
  • Creating Quality Content & Mastering Your Messaging
  • Creative Directing & Using the Power of Influence
  • Turning Fashion Into Profit
  • Creating Great Content Panel Discussion
  • Building Your Career Using Manifestation
  • "Ask Kimberly" Self Portrait QA Session
  • Using Social Media To Grow Your Brand
  • Diversify Your Life - Keynote Speech

The virtual conference format will be two days of extensive learning via workshops, panel discussions, and live question & answer sessions. In addition to the interactive sessions, there will be opportunities for post-conference skill-building, follow-up and virtual networking with conference attendees and presenters.  Along with the learning, there will be live, virtual performances, a networking afterparty and even a limited edition event box, complete with a t-shirt and conference goodies.  For full details, more information and conference tickets,

This slate of offerings evolved during the COVID19 pandemic to support the interests and needs of women in emerging creative niches as they worked to continue their career pursuits from home in a virtual world. Following the conference, participants will have exclusive, year-long access to workshop content and a virtual network of like-minded Black women creatives. This is only the beginning!

COOL GIRLS CREATE is a community & shopping destination for content creators, creative directors, set designers & visionary womenpreneurs with a millionaire mindset. It was founded by Taniesha Westbrook to provide a hub for creative, ambitious women. “I started Cool Girls Create because I wanted to build a platform for creative women that was meaningful. As a creative and entrepreneur, it can be a very daunting task to try to figure out this journey alone.”  CGC’s mission is to aid ambitious women in their journey to cultivate their creativity and turn it into a meaningful career. Cool Girls Create provides a safe space to ask questions, get advice, showcase your talents and connect with other like minded creative women. Find out more at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 

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