5 Ways to Save Money as a Creative

5 Ways to Save Money as a Creative

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

There are always reasons to save money. The first of which should be an emergency fund. What is an emergency fund, you ask? Experts say it's a sum amount that totals three to six months of your expenses. Just in case things go south with your job, or you aren’t able to work because of an injury or any circumstance. Let’s get into the ways in which you as a BOSS CHIC can save to hit your goals and more! 

  1. Open a Savings Account - This may seem like a daunting or easy task depending on the person, but I think it’s an important step in your journey to saving. I suggest opening an account that is not at the same bank as your normal checking account. Why? Because when funds are low in your checking, most accounts require less than 3 clicks to instantly transfer money from savings to checking. It defeats the purpose of saving if you are able to access your savings so easily. Open an account that isn't attached to your regular checking so that it takes 3-5 business days to access your money. It will make you think more about whether or not the reason you need the money is worth it. 
  2. Use a Savings App - In 2020 there are tons of apps and even banks that allow you to automatically save your change from spending. Some of our favs are Joy, Chime Banking, Tip Yourself, and Simple. You will find that creating a savings habit can sometimes be difficult, so making it a mindless behavior can be a great hack. You can use these methods while you work on better savings habits or continue to use them.
  3. Save When You Get Paid - Calculate your monthly expenses so that you know how much you can spare, and save immediately. Once you know how much you can spare, you can set up a direct deposit to have a portion go directly into your savings. This can be incredibly helpful, because you are never seeing the money in your checking. If direct deposit isn’t an option, make it a habit to put money in your savings as soon as you get paid. Extra money in your checking, tends to get spent on extra things. Lol
  4. Cut the fat - There are so many apps and phones and games and things that we as millenials have become accustomed to. Think about the things you need, and cut the things you don’t. Maybe it's switching to a cheaper cell phone plan, or making coffee at home a few times a week instead of drinking Starbucks. This may take some much needed deep reflection on what is necessary for you to sustain your BOSS lifestyle and saving to make some of your future dreams come true. The worst is when you don’t even realize you are paying for something you don’t use. Check out these apps for tracking where your money goes -- Truebill, Trim, or Track My Subs
  5. Use coupons - Who doesn’t love a good sale? This method may take extra time, but it can totally be worth it. Have access to your local Sunday newspaper? This can be a great place to find coupons for consumer products. Ask neighbors for their coupon inserts if you don’t get the paper yourself. The worst they could say is, No. Online there are places to find coupons as well. Try some of our favs here -- Coupons, Smartsource, or Retail Me Not. Lastly, you can always download an app on your phone to easily have access to coupons at your fingertips. Check out these apps for coupons -- Ibotta, Checkout51, Savingstar, or Target Circle.

Try these tips and let us know how they work. Let’s work together in 2020 to achieve our savings goals. What kinds of things are you saving for this year?

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