Boss Up - How To Invest In Your Own Personal Brand

Boss Up - How To Invest In Your Own Personal Brand
This is a monthly conference call featuring girl boss talk with Taniesha Westbrook, owner of Cool Girls Create. Cool Girls Create is the HQ for ambitious women who are leveling up.
We are a community & lifestyle destination for creatives, go-getters & womenpreneurs. Join us to ask questions, get advice, encourage each other, & connect.
On this call we discussed:
  1. How to invest in your own business without breaking the bank
  2. DIY branding techniques that you can use with $0 dollars for budget
  3. My hacks for creating content by yourself
  4. How taking the leap of faith into full-entrepreneurship can change your life


How to invest in your own business without breaking the bank 7:32

Time 7:40

  • Put time into building your business
  • Polish your digital footprint
  • Strategize your Brand  
  • Create Content

Currency 12:38

( Money isn’t the only currency- one thing you have going for you is that you are you. Nobody else can do what you do like you)

  • Learn to Bootstrap your business
  • Get a small personal loan 
  • Barter your services or skillset 
  • Get friends & family to donate or invest 

 Effort 22:29

  • Dedicate at least 10 hours a week to research your industry 
  • Create a 1 page marketing plan
  • Learn how to market your business
  • Apply yourself  
  • Use what you have learned and apply it to your business or brand on a consistent basis
  • Be Resourceful 
  • Figure out what can be done for free for your business
  • Invest in your own abilities 

DIY branding techniques that you can use with $0 dollars for budget 27:58

  1. Define how you want to be perceived. When your customers have finished using your product or service, how do you want them to describe their experience? 
  2. Organize your business based on a specific promise (For example, great customer service, unique products, amazing experience provided, etc)
  3. Communicate your promise using social media, having an online presence & networking in person
  4. Be consistent


How to Build Your Personal Brand:

Social Media 

  • Post regularly
  • Know what's happening in the world  (For example the #dontrushchallenge or tiktok)
  • Interact with people in your industry
  • Get a or Tap Bio for your Instagram

Networking Events 

  • Add facebook events to your calendar and plan to visit at least 1 free event a month in your niche

Have an online presence

  • Invest in your website, free options are available like Wix 
  • Become more searchable on google by contributing to other blogs or submitting articles to bigger platforms 

Personal vs Business Branding

  • You are a walking billboard 
  • Capitalize on what people recognize you for 
  • Pick 3 words to describe your brand and don’t post anything that is off brand


My hacks for creating content by yourself   41:11

  • Use Canva but make it unique 
  • Self portraits 
  • Use apps on your phone, dslr cameras, & timers to create headshots or “blogger style” photos
  • Schedule your content 
  • Investing in your own camera equipment or a consistent photographer)/videography, backdrops,ring lights, backdrop stands, led lights etc
  • Use your network for models or commercials


How taking the leap of faith into full time entrepreneurship  can change your life 51:30


  • Fear is necessary
  • Look fear in the eye & say fuck you 
  • Don’t be afraid of something not working - use everything as a lesson to build on what you have that does work.


  • Believe in yourself, your purpose, your value and abilities
  • There is power  in what you say/ always speak life into what you want to do 


  • Don’t give up
  • It takes 10 years to become overnight success
  • You don’t have to always have a visible plan that makes sense to you down to every detail, you just have to keep moving forward 



  • Boss Up - Summary of what we discussed 
  • Invest Time, Currency &  Effort into yourself
  • Be resourceful
  • Have a strategy
  • Be consistent
  • Have faith in yourself, your purpose and your own abilities 


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