How to Market Your Creative Business on a Budget with Tee Westbrook and J. Ivory

How to Market Your Creative Business on a Budget with Tee Westbrook and J. Ivory

1:00 Ms. J Ivory kicks off the conversation by giving listeners a little bit of her background story. She is currently working as a creative director, helping brands and businesses connect their visuals to audios. This can be through beauty, art, fashion, or any creative visual idea. She started her entrepreneur journey in 2014 as a make-up artist, then transitioned to a graphic design, then a web developer, and finally, a creative director. 

Most times as an entrepreneur, we start out super excited and determined to launch our business, but then we soon get discouraged once we realize how difficult marketing our services can actually be. Here are some tips to help you get started with marketing your business. 


  • Quality. It is how you show up that sets you apart from others. 
  • Be original. Remember, social media can be crowded, so it is important you keep your content authentic and creative. 


  • Study your craft. Study others that are excelling around you. “Sometimes we don't always have the money to fund certain things, but as a creator, you must learn to create quality out of nothing”. 
  • Find out what's working and what's not. Trial and error is inevitable. 
  • There are no straightforward steps. Struggle will happen.
  • Get a mentor that can offer valuable feedback. It is so important to connect with people who know things you don't about your business, and to connect with people who share similar ideas as you.
  • Market towards what your customers want.


  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS - This will help keep track of what competition is doing, what people are searching, and how they’re visiting your website, etc. 
  • ASK QUESTIONS - Use your Story, Polls, Etc. to see what your audience is interested in. It can be random things from what they’re watching, what they’re eating, their favorite products. The point is to get to know your intended customers. 


  • Use what you’re most comfortable with. Not everyone has every social media app, so use what works for you. J Ivory garnered 95% of her business from Facebook as a make-up artist. 
  • What are your goals? Use the platform that best supports that. For example, if you’re a writer, Twitter should be your safe-haven. If you’re a creator or a personality, you should be using YouTube or Instagram. If you’re really big on building community, then you should be using Facebook. 
  • If you’re trying to reach everybody, you’re reaching nobody. Be specific about your focus. 

15:55 AVATAR

An avatar is a customer persona, or your typical/best customer who you’ll study to base marketing on. You need a few typical customers to build on. Think about things such as what they like, where they live, what’s their personality trait. You should also think about what makes them tick, or what makes them want to hit “like” or “share”. 


  • Connect with your audience. 
  • Network across, don’t network up. It is stronger to go with someone than to try to climb a ladder and go up. 
  • Is your content of value or are you just posting random ? Once you figure out your avatar, you can start speaking directly to her. If anyone wants to join in on yall’s conversation, they will follow you. 
  • Represent your brand outside of business by adding value to people in your everyday life. 


  • What are your goals with this service?  
  • What kind of product or campaign is this similar to? Use things that are already done for reference. 
  • Make a mood board. Use pictures from magazines and off the internet to build your vision.
  • Find ways to get the resources you need. Ask people to work with you in exchange for each other's gifts instead of money. 

It is so important to work with your peers and collaborate with others. Get your creative friends or people who are just starting out to work with you. Look at other businesses for inspiration. It is okay to duplicate something because you're you, so your business will always stand out. 

Remember you are a problem solver. Do not let the lack of people, resources, or anything else stop you from solving the problems you’re called to. Think about borrowing, exchange of services, sharing of content, etc. 


  • When you know your targeted, ideal audience, you will know what to say to them. 
  • People buy into your "why". They want what you can do for them. Once you know how to explian what you can do for people, your product will sell. 
  • Put yourself out there about your brand and business. It is going to take more than a post to be successful. 

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